23.5.– 1.6.2019

All artists

Sarah Hablützel & Marko Mijatović

The artist Sarah Hablützel and the film maker Marko Mijatović investigate the linguistic consensus of spaces and people. Spaces that have a social function are linked to certain codes, to powerful effect. Once we enter a public space, we surrender to its requirements and rules, we present ourselves inside of it and pretend to be part of its architecture. At the heart of the two-part work Belphegor’s Secret & Mouth Exercises is the body conceived of as instrument and the orchestra rehearsal represented as the fragmented, ghostly loop of an eternal rehearsal.

Saturday, 25.5., 10:00 PM  –  Elbphilharmonie

Installation (only guided tours):
Friday–Wednesday, 24.5.–29.5., 10:00–5:00 PM  –  Elbphilharmonie