23.5.– 1.6.2019

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Push Me, Indulgence!

Lou Bessemer: Indulgence, film still: Lou Bessemer

As part of Moana Vonstadl and Louisa Boeszoermeny short film program Push me, Indulgence!, HALLO: Festspiele will show six queer feminist porn films of which some depart from the habitual ends of porn as pleasure fulfillment in favour of deeply personal stories: in Birth, for instance, Lilith Luxe thematizes her infertility and subsequent attempt to process it through an SM encounter. Karin Örander’s film Family Life narrates family dynamics through the lens of the sexual phantasies of its protagonists. There will be occasion for a Q&A with Moana Vonstadl and Louisa Boeszoermeny at the end of the screenings.

Anna-Karin Örander, 2017, 19 min

Lou Bessemer Jahr, 2016, 8 min

Etage X
Francy Fabritz, 2016, 14 min

Lilith Luxe, 16 min

Max Disgrace, 2017, 7min

Push Me
Tove Pils, 2014, 25 min

Saturday, 25.5, 23:00 PM  –  Kraftwerk Bille
Wednesday, 29.5, 8:00 PM  –  Kraftwerk Bille