23.5.– 1.6.2019

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Katrin Wölger

Katrin Wölger, photo: Lukas Töni

The artist Katrin Wölger studied drama at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in NYC, among other subjects. She has been developing solo performances, installations, object performances, video works or actions since the nineties. One of her artistic techniques is the creation of alter egos. These pseudonyms simulate the work’s changing authorship. With K.Ground, Katrin Wölger will develop a site-specific installation and performance for HALLO: Festspiele.


Part of the exhibition BUILDING

Friday, 24.5., 8:00 PM  –  Kraftwerk Bille

Saturday, 25.5., 3:00–10:00 PM
Sunday–Friday, 26.–31.5., 3:00–10:00 PM  –  Kraftwerk Bille