23.5.– 1.6.2019

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Bonaventure, photo: Bonaventure

Bonaventures musical schizophrenia, it is said, pries open the atmosphere. Worm holes are created. People are sucked in and, with Dantean brilliance, catapulted unto all sorts of dance floors known to this world. In the rare breaks of this Crémant supernova, Bonaventure slings a cord between her hands, spinning around her own axis and jumping through it vertically. These never-ending movements, also known as rope skipping, are her newest hobby, it is said, and in every city that has trembled under one of her appearances, even the parks were mentioned with praise by seismographic measurement. You’re welcome to jump in, this side of and beyond the dance floors.

Saturday, 1.6., 11:30 PM  – Kraftwerk Bille