23.5.– 1.6.2019

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Berndt Jasper (Baltic Raw Org) & Jacques Palminger

Random Sand follows the protagonist (Jacques Palminger) from the forest of the periphery into the urban space, scenically framed by a decaying harbour. At the center of its newly erected architecture, the Elbphilarmonie overlooks and crowns the misery of this conversion from a postindustrial wasteland to a locale for the masses. Berndt Jasper’s filmic commentary upon this development of urban management in the Hafencity will see its world premiere at HALLO: Festspiele. Jaspers is a founding member of the artist collective Baltic Raw Org, whose works have been shown in the Hamburg Kunsthalle, the international summer festival Kampnagel and the Informale in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Random Sand, 2019, 40min
A film by Berndt Jasper
with Jacques Palminger, Lieven Brunckhorst, Polbär
music: Danja Schilling, Ole Wulfers, Lukas Pfeiffer, Lieven Brunckhorst, Jacques Palminger
DoP: Frederick Vidal

Thursday, 23.5., 10:30 PM  –  Kraftwerk Bille
Friday, 31.5., 10:30 PM  –  Kraftwerk Bille