23.5.– 1.6.2019

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Angela Anzi

Angela Anzi: Hilfestellungen An Objekten 1, photo: Anna Mieves

Angela Anzi engages with the encounter of firmness of form and transitoriness in her installation and performance Hilfestellung An Objekten 5. She binds together technology, ephemeral states and multi-sensory experiences. She searches for choreographic patterns and polyphonies in the interaction of materials, sounds and bodies. Her works were seen last in Aargauer Kunsthaus (CH), Moviemento Linz (AT) and the Produzentengalerie Alpineum Luzern (CH) as well as Kunsthaus Hamburg.

Part of the exhibition BUILDING

Friday, 24.5., 9:15 PM  –  Kraftwerk Bille

Saturday, 25.5., 3:00–10:00 PM
Sunday–Friday, 26.–31.5., 3:00–8:00 PM  –  Kraftwerk Bille