23.5.– 1.6.2019

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Andrea Becker-Weimann

Andrea Becker-Weimann: On Air (Volume 3), photo: Andrea Becker-Weimann

Andrea Becker-Weimann examines the stuff of everyday life: objects are scrutinized along with their usual function, perspectives altered and situations endowed with new meanings. Familiar things suddenly seem alien or show their absurdity. Her art develops a life of its own, under no control – serious things show themselves from their amusing sides. The expansive installation On Air (Volume 3) sets out with the kind of precision worthy of a laboratory, but might in the end have been composed for the purpose of the incalculable.

Part of the exhibition BUILDING

Thursday, 23.5., 8:00–10:00 PM

Friday, 24.5., 7:00–10:00 PM
Saturday, 25.5., 3:00–10:00 PM
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