23.5.– 1.6.2019

Taking its inspiration from the term SWAY, with which we seek to rework the overall topic of identity, the HALLO: Festspiele 2019 will take place at both Kraftwerk Bille and Elbphilharmonie. The word SWAY contains the notion of staggering and wavering, but also of taking influence or exerting power. As such, it provides an umbrella for the contents of our program: ours is an attempt to strike a balance.

From a queer-feminist porn cinema (Push me, indulgence!) to the vital concern to break through the norms governing feminine* body images (Luciana Achugar) through the acceleration of time and its subsequent impact on the architectonic decay of the Elbphilarmonie (Daniel Dominguez Teruel) to Mbira-Trance-Pop to summon a parallel dimension (Stella Chiweshe). With Dionysian parties (DJ Marcelle and more), round talks, videos, dance, performances, lectures and readings and lots of fine arts, which reflects its own means of display.

As a festival, the HALLO: Festspiele aim to create a public space for communal use. It is currently located at Kraftwerk Bille. Its temporary format offers international and local artists and groups a platform outside predefined structures by experimenting with untreated spaces, collective production, collaborations and open processes. In 2016, the experimental neighborhood office Schaltzentrale sprang forth from this initiative.

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